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24.06.2019 - Press release

Call for Applications

The German Embassy in Canberra is once again offering the annual ‘German Grant for Journalism’ in co-operation with the National Press Club of Australia  - in a partnership that spans over more than three decades. The purpose of the grant is to encourage Australian journalists to present issues pertaining to Germany to Australian audiences.

This year’s topic of the grant will be:

’Germany - 30 years since the Fall of the Wall’


In the afternoon of 9 November 1989, the Central Committee passed a new travel regulation in East Germany. The announcement that the new regulation was to come into effect ‘immediately, without delay’ led to a veritable wave of people wanting to cross the border at various crossing-points along the Wall. Consequently, border guards saw no alternative but to let the massive crowds cross the border without any checks. The Wall had fallen! It has now been gone for longer than it divided Germany.

Not only in Berlin, but also around the world the Fall of the Berlin Wall was a cause to celebrate and to reassess the political situation, signifying a new chapter in both German and European history. It showed that peaceful revolution is possible and that divided people can grow together. Civic courage and the desire for freedom ended 40 years of division and paved the way for further European integration.


You are invited to compose a comprehensive, well developed outline of your journalistic project and submit it to the assessment panel, which is convened by the National Press Club of Australia together with the German Embassy. It takes account of factors such as a detailed project outline, originality and significance of the basic subject matter in its context and the prospects of successful completion and publication.

This year’s topic has purposely been defined in less specific terms and you are, thus, encouraged to choose your own angle– be it a political or economic focus, a closer look at art and culture or at the way in which the Wall has affected generations of German society up until today.

Four hard copies of the application including attachments are required, along with a brief CV and a description of your professional career.

The winner will be selected jointly by the National Press Club and the German Embassy and is offered a one week research trip to Germany from 4 to 11 November 2019 during the main phase of commemoration events, funded and supported by the German Government.

The results of your research project must be published within six months following your research in Germany. Therefore, please indicate how and where you intend to publish or broadcast your project. It is a great opportunity to get to know Germany and to gather background knowledge and in-depth information on the specific subject of the winner´s proposed project.

The German Government will finance travel between Australia and Germany and meet all costs of travel, accommodation and meals, including an interpreter/guide services within Germany for up to one week. A detailed programme will be worked out in accordance with the submitted entry.

Furthermore, the winner is free to extend the trip to other European countries or to EU institutions in Brussels at her/ his own expense.

Please submit your application accompanied by a recommendation from your editor to the

National Press Club of Australia
The Awards Co-ordinator
PO Box 6184
ACT 2604

by 21 July 2019.

The Embassy wishes to encourage all journalists and media representatives to participate in this annual competition and to pass on the information to colleagues.

For further information please contact the German Embassy Press Section,

Ms Susanne Körber / Ms Sophia Brook

Phone: 02-6270 1911 E-mail: pr-100@canberra.diplo.de

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