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16.06.2021 - Article

Call for Applications

After cancellation in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the German Embassy in Canberra is delighted to once again offer the annual ‘German Grant for Journalism’ in collaboration with the National Press Club of Australia - a partnership that spans over more than three decades.

The purpose of the ‘German Grant for Journalism’ is to encourage Australian journalists to present issues pertaining to Germany to an Australian audience. This year’s topic is:

’Germany with and without Chancellor Angela Merkel – an enduring legacy?’


After 16 years as Head of Government, Dr Angela Merkel, physicist from the former East Germany, has decided not to seek re-election and is nearing her fourth and final term as chancellor. On 26 September, Germans will head to the polls to elect a new federal parliament and, by extension, the country’s next chancellor. When German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down following September’s election, what will she leave behind when she departs the chancellery? How will her departure affect Germany and Europe? How will it impact the “Merkel Generation”, the young people who have come of age during her tenure? What are the challenges for the next German government?


You are invited to compose a comprehensive, well-developed outline of a journalistic project and submit it to the assessment panel, which is convened by the National Press Club of Australia together with the German Embassy. The Assessment takes into account factors such as a detailed project outline, originality and significance of the subject matter as well as prospects for successful completion and publication. The topic has purposely been defined in less specific terms for you to choose your own angle– be it political, economic, social, cultural, autobiographic or otherwise.


The winner will be selected jointly by the National Press Club and the German Embassy and is offered a virtual research trip to Germany in September 2021 and a one week physical research trip to Germany in 2022 (subject to Covid-19 pandemic developments and restrictions). These research trips are funded and supported by the German Government and allow for in-depth information gathering on the specific subject of the winner´s proposed project.

Regarding the virtual trip, the German Government will assist your research and facilitate contacts and meetings. Regarding the physical trip, the German Government will, in addition, finance travel costs, accommodation and meals as well as interpreter/guide services in Germany for up to one week. Detailed programmes will be created in accordance with the submitted entry. Furthermore, the winner is free to extend the physical trip to Germany to other European countries or to EU institutions in Brussels at her/ his own expense.

The results of your research project should be published within six months following your virtual or physical research trip to Germany respectively. Therefore, please indicate how and where you intend to publish or broadcast your project.

Please email

  • your project proposal;
  • a signed recommendation from your editor (scan);
  • CV and brief description of your professional career as well as
  • how and where you intend to publish or broadcast your project

in pdf-format to Ms Sophia Brook at the German Embassy Canberra: pr-100@canb.diplo.de

by 20 August 2021.

Feel free to pass on this call for applications to your colleagues.

For further information please contact the German Embassy’s Press Section:

Mr Jens Hoch: 02 6270 1938; pr-1@canb.diplo.de or

Ms Sophia Brook: 02 6270 1947; pr-100@canb.diplo.de

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