German Grant for Journalism 2018


The German Embassy is pleased to announce this year’s German Grant for Journalism winner: NAME from the NAME OF MEDIA.

For over three decades the German Embassy in Canberra has been offering the annual German Grant for Journalism in co-operation with the National Press Club of Australia. The purpose of the grant is to encourage Australian journalists to present issues pertaining to Germany to Australian audiences.

This year’s topic of the grant touches a subject that is becoming more and more important to many countries, namely:

‘Culture and Creative Industries – a driver for innovation’

Culture and Creative industries are among the German economy’s most innovative sectors. Spanning a wide range of different fields, ranging from architecture and music to advertising, the cultural and creative industries’ contribution to total economic output is steadily increasing and today is already on par with major sectors of industry, such as mechanical engineering.

The sector – and its increasing amount of specialised start-ups – also acts as a driver for innovation for many other industries, and particularly for small and medium-sized companies. What is special about the cultural and creative industries in Germany is the large number of self-employed, creative entrepreneurs working in this field. Concentrated mainly in the large cities, particularly the Berlin-Brandenburg region, they also help build a fast-growing, innovative and knowledge-based economy.

As always, the selection of the grant recipient has been carried out jointly by the National Press Club and our Embassy, who were impressed by NAME’s observations on the topic and his well thought-out project proposal.

As this year’s winner, NAME is offered a one week research trip to Germany at the end of July, funded and supported by the German Government. NAME will travel to Berlin and Dresden.

We are very much looking forward to NAME's impressions of Germany when he gets back from his travels later this year.

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