Re-issuing of unused German national visa type D due to Covid-19

09.07.2020 - Article

In the following cases, a re-issuance of a visa is possible:

- Your German visa was issued after 01.01.2020 by the German Consulate in Sydney (not the Austrian Embassy).

- The visa was still valid on 15.03.2020.

- You did not travel with this visa.

- Your visa has already expired or will expire until 31.07.2020.

- The purpose of your travel has not changed.

If this is applicable to you, please send us a message until 10.08.2020 with the following information:

- Your first and last Name

- Your date and place of birth

- Passport number

- Phone number

- 5-digit file number (e.g. 12345)

- Visa sticker number (upper right corner, starting with “D”)

- Visa category (family reunion, work, university, apprenticeship, job seeker, other)

- Detailed information on the purpose of your travel

- Destination in Germany 

- Desired validity


Afterwards, we will inform you about the necessary documents to be handed in for your application. Please kindly already prepare documents proving that your purpose of travel is still valid (e.g. confirmation by your employer in Germany that your contract is still valid).

Applications send in after 10.08.2020 will not be processed. E-Mails without the above mentioned information / incomplete information will not be processed either.  

All cases that do not match the above mentioned criteria have to hand in a new application and book a new appointment via our Website.

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