Blue Card


The EU Blue Card is aimed at highly qualified candidates, i.e. non-EU nationals holding a German or otherwise recognised equivalent university degree.

Since 1 August 2012, foreign nationals with a recognised university degree have easier access to the labour market under the EU Blue Card system. To obtain the Blue Card, they must simply provide proof of their qualifications and a concrete job offer that would provide annual gross earnings of at least 58,400 €. 

In the case of highly qualified foreign nationals with a background in mathematics, IT, the natural sciences or technology as well as medical doctors, the EU Blue Card conditions still apply, provided they are offered the same salaries as comparable German employees and their annual gross earnings would be at least 45,552 €. In these cases the approval of the Federal Employment Agency is required.

General information about migration of qualified professionals can be found on:


Where can I apply?

  • All visa applications in Australia must be lodged in person. Your fingerprints will be electronically scanned as part of the application process.
  • Applicants who are residents of any states and territories of Australia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu or Nauru need to make an appointment and submit their application at the Consulate General in Sydney.

Which documents do I have to submit with my visa application?

(Please provide original plus 2 copies per document)

  • valid Passport
  • proof of current visa status in Australia
  • 2 completed and signed application forms.

    Please fill out the online application form, print it out, sign it and submit it along with the other documents. Please ensure that the barcode is printed in  high quality.
    Alternatively, you can print out the application form below and fill it out by hand.

  • 2 recent passport photographs (35 x 45 mm, front facial view, white background)

  • Curriculum vitae of professional career, including certificates, diplomas, etc.
  • German or otherwise recognised equivalent university degree
  • Erklärung zum Beschäftigungsverhältnis” (declaration on contract of employment) completed and signed by the employer
  • Proof of stay in Australia (e.g. employment/ student confirmation)
  • Full travel-health insurance covering the period until a German health insurance covers you- including details about coverage (at least € 30,000 and including repatriation costs; including coverage for pandemics like e.g. Covid19)
  • prepaid registered mail envelope with your address (if you request return by mail). Please note that the German Missions will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of passports due to postal or courier service delivery.
  • visa fee: € 75 by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or equivalent in cash (AU$). Other payment methods (e.g. with smart watch, mobile phone) not accepted.

To evaluate your foreign degree and check recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany please check before applying:


Please ensure that your application documents are complete! Incomplete applications may result in rejection of the visa application.

Australian citizens can apply for a work visa / residence permit after entering Germany at the local immigration authority. This also applies to citizens of Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Korea and the United States of America.

Please note: Without a valid work visa / residence permit you are not allowed to work in Germany.

Citizens of other countries have to apply and obtain the visa prior to entry.

Application form and information on data protection

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