General Information about long-term visa


Important information for Australian citizens

Australian citizens generally apply for a residence permit after entering Germany at the local immigration authority, without applying for a visa beforehand. This also applies to citizens of Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Korea and the United States of America.

Feel free to contact the local immigration authority in Germany in advance in order to find out about the application procedure; the German missions in Australia cannot give information about this.

Only in exceptional circumstances should Australian citizens apply at the German Consulate General in Sydney before entering Germany.

If your individual case does not fit one of the visa categories, please feel free to contact us in written form.

If you are a resident of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands or Nauru please contact the German Consulate General Sydney  before booking an appointment.

Contact the Consulate General in Sydney

Where to apply

All visa applications in Australia must be lodged in person. Your fingerprints will be electronically scanned as part of the application process.

All applicants residing in all states and territories of Australia or in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu or Nauru need to make an appointment at the Consulate General in Sydney.

Make an appointment

Please note that each visa applicant needs an appointment. So if a family of four is travelling you have to make four appointments.

Contact the Consulate General in Sydney

What else should I know?

We can process only complete applications; if you hand in your application with one or several documents missing you will have to come again for a new appointment.

Upon your arrival the border authorities may examine whether the requirements for your entry continue to be valid. Entry may be refused by the border authorities although you are in possession of a valid visa. We advise you to carry with you documents giving evidence to the purpose of your stay (in particular proof of sufficient funds and health insurance).

Once you have obtained your visa please check carefully that all entries are correct and in accordance with your application. Please inform the visa section immediately if there are any mistakes.

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