Study and Work in Germany


Germany is one of the world's leading countries in science and research. Its 109 universities, 36 technical universities and 191 universities of applied sciences cover a broad range of subjects.

There are currently more than 235,000 foreign students in Germany, making it the most important host country for international students after the USA and the UK.

In order to continue and reinforce this position, the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) has launched an internationalisation strategy to support collaboration and exchange with other countries in order to continue this development.

The scope of its research system and the collaboration between universities, science organisations and research institutions are the strengths of the German science system. Ensuring its future dynamic development is one of the main tasks of the federal government's research policy.

Higher education in Germany increasingly stands for innovation, internationality and a strong support of high-calibre research.

By now, research and development-intensive industries account for more than half of all industrial production in Germany.

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