Questions about our online appointment booking system



Please go to the website of the German mission abroad responsible for your place of residence. There you will find information on whether an appointment is necessary and how it can be arranged, depending on what service you require.

The online appointment booking system is free of charge. You must make the appointment yourself or through a trusted person. The booking options are the same for everyone. Agencies and other facilitators do not have any special or preferential access to the appointment booking system, even if they claim otherwise. Offers which advertise this are not trustworthy and are ultimately responsible for making the appointment situation worse for everyone.

Please ensure that you have access to the email account you provided when making the booking so that you directly receive all notifications, specifically the one with the date of your appointment.

Please make sure that all information provided is correct, as subsequent amendments are not possible. This applies particularly to the email address, as you will not receive notifications from the appointment booking system if your address is incorrect.

  • You have had the page open for too long. Data has to be entered swiftly.
  • You have clicked the „Back“ button in your browser instead of the designated button in the appointment booking system.
  • You have not accessed the appointment booking system via the website of the German mission abroad where you would like to book the appointment. Please only use the current link on the website of the respective mission abroad.

The pages can as a rule be displayed correctly on browsers on mobile devices. Depending on the device’s resolution, however, you may find that you need to scroll the image from left to right or vice versa, or to zoom in. You may also find the display too small to read. This makes the booking procedure slower and less comfortable, but it is still possible.

The online appointment system is compatible with all standard browsers. If you think there are problems with the browser you are using, please try again with another browser or use another computer, e.g. one belonging to relatives, friends, a hotel or an internet café. Other factors (see below) may also cause problems.

Your virus scanners, firewalls, other security products, company guidelines and the internet connection all determine how fast you can access the service and whether you can access it at all. If you experience problems, please try to access the service using another internet Connection.

Please access the appointment booking system through the Embassy’s or Consulate’s website only in order to prevent problems with access. Most importantly,

  • Please do not use bookmarks from earlier visits to the site.
  • Please do not use the browser’s automatic address function, where a previous website link appears when you type the first letters.
  • Please do not use any appointment links on websites not provided by the Federal Foreign Office.
  • Please open the online appointment system in one browser window or tab only, not several.
  • Please do not use the browser’s „Back“ function.

The electronic appointment booking system ensures that you will be offered the highest possible number of appointments at the mission abroad. Unfortunately, demand often exceeds capacity, and the appointments may already be booked up. We therefore advise you to check the booking appointment system frequently at different times during the day as new appointments are constantly becoming available. If you cannot keep your appointment, we ask you to cancel it in the interests of everyone waiting.

Information entered incorrectly cannot be amended. In this case you must cancel your booking and rebook. If you entered your email address incorrectly and have therefore not received a confirmation email with the link to cancel the booking, you will need to contact the German mission where you booked the appointment.

If you have booked an appointment, cancellation is only possible well in advance, as a rule up to 1-2 days beforehand, but not on the day of the appointment or afterwards.

If the cancellation link does not work at an earlier stage, please contact the German mission where you have booked the appointment. Please attach your booking confirmation email to your email.

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