Naturalization for descendants of victims of Nazi persecution pursuant to §14 Citizenship Act

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22.10.2020 - Article

Naturalization for descendants of German victims of Nazi persecution who live abroad and are not entitled to naturalization under Article 116 II Basic Law

On 30.08.2019, the Federal Ministry of the Interior introduced two comprehensive decrees which make it easier for descendants of German victims of Nazi persecution who live abroad and are not entitled to naturalization under Article 116 II Basic Law to claim citizenship. For details see the press release.

Who can apply for it?

Children of German citizens, who acquired a foreign citizenship and lost German citizenship as a result of Nazi persecution measures and their descendants, are eligible.

This also includes children whose mother emigrated to escape persecution and lost her German citizenship prior to 01.04.1953 as a consequence of marriage to a foreign man. The descendants of these children are also entitled to naturalization.

How do I apply?

The competent authority for all applicants from abroad is the Federal Office of Administration (“Bundesverwaltungsamt”). However, the application has to be submitted through the German Consulate General in Sydney.

  1. Read the information sheet carefully.
  2. Compile the required documents as per the information sheet. If you lack any of the documents, please apply for them at the issuing authorities (also see: Family Research/Genealogy). For documents on naturalizations or the arrival in Australia, contacting the National Archive in Canberra (https://www.naa.gov.au) and/ or the Australian Immigration Department might be helpful.
  3. Fully complete the application form in German  and sign it.
    An English translation aid of the application forms can be found at the bottom of this page; it also includes important information on which sections to be filled out.   When submitting an application, please use the German forms.
    Fill out appendix VA (Anlage VA) with information on you and all your relevant ancestors.
    For children under 16, all legal guardians need to sign the application.
  4. Book an appointment online with the Consulate General in Sydney and bring all documents as originals with one set of simple (non-certified) copies to your appointment
    Post the document to the German Consulate General (100 William Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011). Please do not send original documents, but certified copies. Certified copies are accepted from Australian Notary Publics, the Australian police or the German Honorary Consuls in Australia. Do not send us your application via e-mail.
  5. During the appointment, the consular officer will have a conversation with you about your knowledge of Germany and your basic German language skills.
    If you do not hand in your application in Sydney, this conversation will be done over the phone after your application has arrived at the Consulate General.

The consular officer will pre-check your application and then forward your application to the Federal Office of Administration for processing.  

Information concerning data protection with regard to the processing of your application 


The application is free of charge.

Information sheet and translation aids for forms

Information sheet on naturalization pursuant to Section 14 of the Nationality Act (Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz StAG) for persons whose ancestors lost their German citizenship in Connection with National…

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