Recognition of divorce in Germany


General information

Divorce proceedings do not necessarily have to be initiated in the state where the marriage was contracted. If one of the spouses is a German citizen, divorce proceedings can be initiated in Germany, but spouses can also divorce abroad. Applicants should check with the respective court and a family lawyer where to apply best for the divorce. If the divorce is decreed by a foreign court, the divorce is not automatically valid in Germany. German citizens must have their divorce acknowledged by a German court.

Competent authority for recognition of divorce

The competent authority for recognition of divorce is the administration of justice (Justizverwaltung)/ Higher Regional Court (Obelandesgericht) of the “Bundesland” in which one of the spouses has a domicile. If none of the spouses has a domicile in Germany, the competent authority is the administration of justice (Justizverwaltung) of the federal state in which one of the spouses intends to marry again. If neither a domicile in Germany exists nor a new marriage in Germany is intended, the Senatsverwaltung für Justiz in Berlin (Senatsverwaltung für Justiz, Verbraucherschutz und Antidiskriminierung, Salzburger Str. 21-25, 10825 Berlin) is the competent authority.

How to lodge the application?

The application can be lodged

  • through a German registry office
  • through a German consulate
  • directly at the competent Justizverwaltung or Oberlandesgericht

Please use the application form below (available in German only) and fill in legibly with a computer or block letters.


You will need the following documents

  • copy of marriage certificate
  • original or certified copy of divorce decree (see below).
    Important for Australian divorce orders: if you received the order only as a pdf-document per email and do not have the original (with original seal and signature of Judge), you will have to get an Apostille
  • copy of current (German) passport
  • proof of income (for calculations of fees, see below)

The competent Justizverwaltung might ask for further documents and/or a translation of English documents or an Apostille.

Informationen about Australian divorce decrees

Australia has had different divorce decrees in the past. Not all of them are recognized in Germany!

Decree Nisi/Absolute

All divorce decrees issued until 01.07.2002. A 'decree nisi' is a provisional divorce decree that became valid after some time ('decree absolute'). A 'decree absolute' is recognized in Germany.

Certificate of Divorce

'Certificates of divorce' were issued between July 2002 and 12.02.2010.  'Certificates of divorce' are not recognized in Germany!

If you only have a 'certificate of divorce', you have to get a 'divorce order' from the Family Law Court (see below).

Divorce Order

'Divorce orders' have been issued since 13.02.2010. Please note that the electronic version is not sufficient for a recognition of divorce. If you only have an electronic version, you have to get it authenticated by the issueing court.

How to get a “Divorce Order”?

You can get the 'divorce order' from the Family Law Court -  also a posteriori. This also includes divorces before the 01.07.2002!

Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia  - request proof of divorce  

In case you have been sent a 'certificate of divorce' instead of the 'divorce order', please send it back and request the 'divorce order'.


The fee for recognition of divorce is calculated on basis of your monthly income. Therefore, it is important to add some proof of income (pay slip, tax statement) as otherwise the maximum fee can be charged. Fees can be from 15 to 305 EUR. Usually the fee ranges at around 160 EUR.

How long does it take?

Please note that we cannot predict how long this process will take. The processing times may vary considerably depending on the complexity of the case and the individual authority and might take several months.

Application form and data protection information

Please fill in legibly with a computer or block letters and do not sign yet

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