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Many of our services are subject to payment of a fee. Here you find information about the methods of payment available.

Many of our services are subject to payment of a fee. Information about the amount charged is contained in the information about each specific service on this website.

The fees we charge are stipulated in Euros according to German laws and regulations, for example in the Passport Act or the special fee regulations of the Foreign Office (AABGebV). They will be converted into Australian Dollars (AUD) according to the Embassy's or the Consulate General’s exchange rate. The amount is rounded up or down to the nearest 0.50 AUD amount.

Please note the following:

Cash payments can only be accepted in Australian Dollars. If you pay by credit card at the Embassy in Canberra or the Consulate General in Sydney, the amount will be charged in Euro in Germany and additional bank charges may apply. Please ensure that the security measures of your bank do not prohibit credit card charges from abroad.

We are offering the following methods of payment:

cashcredit cardOskoeftposSmart devices
Embassy Canberra X X*
(only Visa / Mastercard)

Consulate General Sydney X X*
(only Visa / Mastercard)

Honorary Consul Adelaide X X X X X
Honorary Consul Brisbane X

Honorary Consul Cairns X X X X X
Honorary Consul Darwin X X
(only Visa / Mastercard)
Honorary Consul Hobart X X
(only Visa / Mastercard)

Honorary Consul General Melbourne X

Honorary Consul Perth X

* only as physical card with name of card holder and card number imprinted, card holder has to be present, no “tap and go” via smart phone possible

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